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Event Contracts

Interactive Brokers offers low, transparent commissions on event contracts.

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Event Contracts
Contract Type Tiered1 Fixed1,2
CME Event Contracts USD 0.10/contract USD 0.10/contract
Fees to offset exchange and regulatory fees paid by IBKR3
  • Exchange Fees
  • Regulatory Fees
  • Overnight Position Fees
  • Exchange Fees
  • Regulatory Fees

The below schedule of fees applies only to clients who execute futures trades with IBKR and then give them up for carrying by another broker.

Execution Only Commissions


  1. Aside from the commission, fees charged to clients by IBKR, including but not limited to those referenced on this website, are intended to cover the costs of execution, including exchange fees. Such fees generally reflect the exchange fee structure, but in certain circumstances may be higher or lower than the fees charged by the exchange.
  2. IBKR may receive aggregate volume discounts that are not passed on to clients.
  3. Subject to note 2 above, non-member exchange and regulatory fees are applied, unless a client is pre-qualified by IBKR. Contact your sales person for more information.