IBKR Desktop Download Preview

IBKR Desktop


Download software using the link below, then log in using your existing IBKR account credentials.

Download for Mac M1, M2 (ARM)

Mac ARM (M1, M2) | File Size: 188MB
Version 0.04 | Release Notes

Download for Mac (Intel)

Mac (Intel)| File Size: 188MB
Version 0.04 | Release Notes

Download for Windows (64-bit)

Windows (64-bit) | File Size: 105MB
Version 0.04 | Release Notes

Here's what's new in IBKR Desktop v0.04:

  • Rapid Order Entry
  • Basic Hotkeys
  • Mirrored Columns for Option Chains

Here's what we're working on for upcoming releases:

  • Advanced Options Tools
  • Windowing for Multiple Screens
  • Advanced Hotkeys 
  • Enhanced Rapid Order Entry Functionality
  • Layout Customization
  • Table Customization
  • Additional Order Types
  • Additional Product Types
  • Market Depth Level II
  • Market Scanners

We want your feedback as you use the platform! Use the IBKR Desktop Feedback icon to let us know what you like, what could be better, and what you'd like to see that isn't yet in the pipeline.

If you've forgotten your login credentials, please contact Customer Service.