Stock, Bond & Options Global Outsourced Trading Desk

The Global Outsourced Trading Desk

The Global Outsourced Trading Desk

Have your orders managed by experienced traders, utilizing their knowledge across the full suite of IBKR tools.

preqin 2023 award

Preqin Ranked IBKR a Top Prime Broker

  • #1 Prime Broker for Hedge Funds with AUM < $50 million
  • #5 Prime Broker Overall

IBKR Advantage

  • Concierge service for large trades from IBKR traders with over 50 years of combined experience
  • Access to liquidity not available electronically through relationships with ‘upstairs’ providers
  • Start-to-finish execution and monitoring by staff in North America, Europe and Asia
  • For Financial Advisors, trades are automatically allocated to client accounts in real-time

About the Desk

IBKR’s traders help Financial Advisors, Hedge Funds, Money Managers and Family Offices execute large or complex orders, monitor trades when clients are away from their screens and serve as an extra set of eyes watching orders.

Outsourced trading desks are located in North America, Europe and Asia. Traders can execute US and non-US asset classes.

Each regional desk is manned by professional traders whose focus is building strong client relationships and aligning their expertise with your needs. Execution services are fully integrated with Trader Workstation (TWS) and fills are continuously reflected.


Our traders facilitate larger US and European bond trades where electronic liquidity is insufficient. The Bond Desk provides an agency brokerage service and does not take proprietary positions.

Our desks may be able to find price improvement or additional liquidity as compared to the electronic NBBO.

  • Sources liquidity, offers price discovery services, and helps execute large or complex orders
  • Minimum size for a bond order is USD 100,000 par
  • Charges include the regular electronic commissions and a ticket charge of USD 50 per trade
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Equities and Options

Our traders are skilled at finding price improvement as compared to the electronic NBBO, and additional liquidity in even the most liquid option classes and ETFs.

  • Assistance with small-footprint price improvement inside the NBBO
  • Sources liquidity, brings SPX market color from the pit, offers price discovery services and helps execute complex algorithmic trading strategies
  • Minimums are 10,000 shares or 100 option contracts
  • Commissions for US stock of USD 0.01 per share and USD 0.95 per option contract
  • Commissions for non-US stock and options are 1.5x of standard electronic commission
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The IBKR Outsourced Trading Desk is designed and staffed to help the sophisticated manager achieve their strategic goals.

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