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Virtual Securities

The Virtual Security feature provides the ability to view current pricing and chart historical pricing for a synthetic security that you create by entering one or multiple underlyings in an equation using our flexible Virtual Security Equation Builder. Once you have defined a Virtual Security and designated a ticker symbol for it, it can be used throughout TWS in the quote and analytical tools. It cannot be used in any of the trading tools.

To create a virtual security

1.  In the Quote Monitor, right-click in a blank line select Virtual Security.

2.   Using the equation builder, define the custom security. Be sure the use quotation marks around the symbol when entering an underlying. See example.

3.  Enter a name for the virtual security and click OK.

The security is listed as a new contract in the Quote Monitor and displays the Last, Bid and Ask prices. You can view the calculated market data and chart historical pricing for the synthetic ticker, but you can't use it in any of the trading tools.


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