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Non-Subscribed Scanner Locations

Market scanners support limited returns when you select a non-subscribed location, which displays in italics with a lock icon indicating a restricted search. If you choose to include a non-subscribed location, the results may include contracts from the location but no market data.



In the above scan, Hong Kong (HKFE) is a non-subscribed location. When it is checked to include in the scan, the scan parameters also display in italics to indicate that the results include non-subscribed data.

When you click Search to run the scan, you will receive a notification that you have included assets from non-subscribed exchanges, and you have the option to add a market data subscription directly from this box.



From the scan results, you can also elect to subscribe to the location, or to receive free delayed (non-subscribed) market data. If you elect to receive delayed data, the data line will be highlighted in yellow as an indication. In the above scan, the markets are closed and you are viewing an After Hours Scanner Snapshot, indicated by the grey background.

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