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MultiCharts Advanced Charting

MultiCharts advanced charting is now accessible from within TWS as a complement/upgrade to our existing interactive charts.

The tool is available in free of charge to IB customers (does not include the ability to trade) and includes:

User-programmable features can be programmed using C# or Visual Basic. To trade from within, upgrade for $39.00 per month (following a one-month free trial).

MultiCharts PowerLanguage

Customers who want to trade from within MultiCharts AND who need to program complex custom technical indicators but are not programmers can subscribe to MultiCharts PowerLanguage. This version offers all of the charting features of plus the ability to trade, and the addition of PowerLanguage, a more user-friendly computer programming language with a small learning curve that was designed to be used by non-programmers. The PowerLanguage version is available for $39.00 per month (following a one-month free trial).

Please note that MultiCharts is currently not supported for accounts holding a large number of positions and these accounts may experience stability issues if they use the tool. Also note that these two products are independent, and charting details set up in will not be transferred over to MultiCharts PowerLanguage.

Using MultiCharts

1.  Download the desired version of MultiCharts.

2.  From the MultiCharts launch page, choose the version to download.

Note:  The two versions are not compatible. If you elect to change versions at any time you will lose all existing MultiCharts data and settings.

Please note that the initial download may take some time.


MultiCharts Users' Guide Programming Guide

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