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Advanced Market Scanner

The Advanced Market Scanners quickly scan of relevant markets and return the top contracts based on the instrument, parameter and filtering criteria you define. In addition, you can transmit orders directly from a scanner, and save a scan as a template for later use.

To create an Advanced Market Scanner

Define Scan Criteria

  1. Select an instrument type from the Instrument list. Note that the scan title changes with each selection to reflect the criterion you select.
  2. Instruments are defined by region. “Global” scanners can scan an instrument across global markets.
  3. Choose the location/exchange whose data will be included in the market scan. The valid locations change in response to the instrument you selected in Step 1.
  4. Use the Filter fields to narrow the contracts that will be returned in your query by characteristic. For example, you may only want to see the Top% US Stock Gainers within a certain P/E range, or with a capitalization above 2,000,000.
  5. Choose a Scanner parameter, such as Top% Gainers, Hot Contracts by Price or Top Option Implied Volatility in the Parameter field.
  6. Click Search to return the top contracts that meet your search criteria. Data is updated every 60 seconds.

Most scans return the top 50 contracts by default. You can specify the maximum number of returns using the Max results field.

To save a scanner template

  1. After you have defined the scan criteria, click the "Save" disk icon to the right of the Max Results field.
  2. Select Save Template.
  3. Enter a descriptive file name and click Save.

To use a saved scanner template

  1. From within a Market Scanner page, click the "Save" disk icon to the right of the Max Results field.
  2. Select Load Template.
  3. Select the scanner file you want to use and click Open.

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