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Export Bond Details to Risk Navigator

Once you have finished populating the Bond Details table, you can import all bonds from the table in the Risk Navigator in the form of a What-If portfolio.

To export bond details to Risk Navigator

1.  From the Bond Details table, click Export What-If.

2.  Choose to Save the file and click OK.

3.  Choose the directory (or note the default directory) where the file will be saved. For example, Firefox saves files to C:\Downloads by default.

Open the Bond Details using a what-if portfolio in Risk Navigator. You can modify the position and initiate trades from within the What-If.

To open Bond What-If in Risk Navigator

1.  Open the Risk Navigator from the Analytical Tools menu.

2.  From the Portfolio menu, select Open and find the saved file. Click Open.

3.  Select the Bond tab to see the new What-If bond portfolio.

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