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The Button Panel

Many of the trading tools provide a configurable Buttons panel that you can elect to hide or display, and which lets you create new and edit buttons that perform the defined trading action with a single click.

To configure the buttons panel

  1. From within the current tool, click the configure wrench to open Global Configuration for the tool.
  2. Select Buttons in the left pane.

The existing buttons and their actions are displayed at the top of the page.

  1. Click Newto create a new button/action, or select a button and click Editto modify an existing button.
  2. Use the Button Appearance section to change the label, the text color and the background color.
  3. Select an action to associate with the button using the Select Action dropdown.
  4. Fine-tune the action by entering data in the Customize Action area. For example, for the action Increase price or size, you can specify the price or size field to which the button applies, and set the interval by which to increase the field value.

Note: NOTE: If you check the instantaneous transmit feature, the button will display an asterisk next to its name in the Buttons panel.

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