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Import and Export Positions to Rebalance

Customers who prefer to work in Excel can export the Rebalance file and modify the current percentage to reflect the percent of net liquidation they want to their positions to have, then import the modified file back into Rebalance Portfolio.

Advisors can also use this feature to import a modified file to a new account to easily bring this account to the new percentages.



To export a portfolio

  1. Click the Export icon at the top of the Rebalance Portfolio window.
  2. Modify the location and file name if desired (leaving the .csv extension), and click OK. You may want to modify the generic file name to help identify it.

    For example, you could change the default C:\jts\rebalance.csv to C:\clients\smithPortfolio.csv.

  3. Click OK from the file export confirmation message.

The directory path must exist for the Export functionality to work. You cannot create a new folder while exporting.



To rebalance the position’s percent of NLV from Excel

  1. Open the exported .csv file in MS Excel.

    Note that each line of the spreadsheet represents a position. The last column represents the current percent of Net Liquidation Value that the position holds. This exported value is equivalent to the value in the Current % field of the Rebalance Portfolio window.

  2. Change the current % of NLV to the new percent you want. Do this for as many lines as needed and click Save.

For example, if you want to rebalance your portfolio so that AAPL STK holds 5% of NLV instead of 16.20478 as shown above in line 2, you would change 16.20478 to 5.0. This modified value is imported in the Rebalance Portfolio as the new Rebal % value.



To import a rebalance portfolio

  1. Click the Import icon at the top of the Rebalance Portfolio window.
  2. Navigate to the modified .csv file you want to import and click Open. You will see the new Rebal % values in the modified position lines.


To complete the rebalance, create and transmit the orders.

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