Spread Templates in Option Chains

Spread Templates offer a simple method to display and compare similar spreads, then click to load the spread into the Strategy Builder to trade or save.

To use Spread Templates

To create a spread with Spread Templates

1.  From the Option Chain "blade" (to the right of the symbol), click Calls and Puts, then select a Spread Template (Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal).

2.  Within the grid interface, use scroll bars to compare spreads. Tiles cleanly display the expiration and strike, bid and ask, delta, and gamma so you can compare spreads on price, spread width, and risk/return at a glance.

3.  Click a tile to load the selected spread into the Strategy Builder.

  1. To trade the spread, modify parameters as needed in the Order Entry panel, and click Submit to transmit the spread order.

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