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Rebalance for Advisors

Advisors can elect to have TWS automatically Rebalance ALL accounts, a single subaccount, or a user-defined Account Group, which includes a subset of accounts, by redistributing percentages of positions in their subportfolio(s) that make up the current (signed) net liquidation value. TWS opens and closes positions to rebalance the selected accounts' portfolio based on the new percentages you enter. You can add contracts and create orders just as you would from the main trading screen.



Rebalance a SubPortfolio

  1. Open the Rebalance window by clicking the Rebalance icon on the trading toolbar.
  2. In the Account dropdown, select: All to rebalance All accounts; Master to rebalance the master account, an account number to rebalance that account, or an Account Group to rebalance all accounts in the group.
  3. The Rebalance window shows three columns that are different from those on your trading screen:

    Note: Please note that puts have a negative deliverable value since they deliver a short position. Consequently, to increase your put position, you must enter a negative deliverable value percentage.

  4. In the Rebal % field, enter the new percent of the Net Liquidation Value that you want the position to have.

    Note:  If you have selected "All" in the Account dropdown, the rebalance percent for the instrument will be applied to all of your sub accounts' portfolios.

  5. Click the Create Orders button to instruct the application to automatically create the orders to achieve the percent change.
  6. Use the Transmit All button to send all orders, or click "Transmit" on an order line to transmit a single order.

Note: For options, the rebalance% is based on the value of the underlying stock price.

Open positions from the Rebalance window

  1. First, add a ticker line to the Rebalance window by selecting the market data line on your trading screen, and then clicking the selection arrow attached to the Rebalance icon on the trading toolbar. Click Add to Rebalance Window. Or, enter an underlying symbol into a blank row on the Rebalance screen as you would on the main trading window.
  2. Enter a value in the Rebal % column and click the Create Orders button.
  3. Transmit the order.

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