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Ticker Row Settings

Use the Ticker Row configuration settings to specify the look of tickers on your trading pages.

To define Ticker Row configuration settings

1.  Open Global Configuration

2.  In the left pane, click Display and then Ticker Row

3.  Use the right panel to set the custom ticker row parameters.

Ticker Row Settings

Home Exchange

Set a Home Exchange Group that identifies your most-used exchange groups. Each time the primary listing exchange for an instrument matches a home exchange group, that exchange is hidden from the description on the ticker line. This feature can help to clean up your trading page by removing the repetitive listing of your most-used exchanges.

Fixed Income Minimum Size Increment

Customize the quantity display for fixed income products.

Fixed Income Pricing

Shows the bond price including or excluding the away platform fees. Bond orders are frequently created on the condition that they should only trade when the quantity meets or exceeds a minimum acceptable trade size (set when the order is created) becomes available at their price. IB calculates and displays the net price for each order or quote that it receives from away platforms assuming that the quoted price will trade in full.

Note:  Given the platform fee and any possible minimum size requirements the displayed "total" bid or ask prices may only be achieved by trading the full size.

Forex Size Display Settings

Position and P&L Display Settings

For display purposes, position values are aggregated to include both IB-held positions and “away” positions on the same instrument/contract. However for trading purposes, if you elect to “close” a position, only the portion held at IB will be traded.

Complex (Multi-Leg) Positions

Borrow/Loan Rate Format

Volume Column Display Settings

Market Data

Click Reset Subscription to modify settings for delayed market data.

Important Disclosures