Options Portfolio

Use the TWS Option Portfolio tool to help you adjust the risk profile of your portfolio by any of the Greek risk dimensions. Find the most cost-effective way to achieve your objective in Delta, Gamma, Vega or Theta by describing your objective and specifying any conditions.

Option Greeks Portfolio
  • With access to complete and comprehensive real-time options market data, the Option Portfolio algorithm finds the most cost-effective solution to achieve your desired objective, considering both commissions and premium decay.
  • To ensure the solution list is relevant based on changes in the market, the algorithm continually searches the market and presents the best solution list every 30 seconds.
  • Change any of your query criteria at any time. The algorithm automatically restarts using the revised constraints and presents an updated solution list.
  • The Option Portfolio integrates seamlessly with our sophisticated real-time risk management platform, the IB Risk Navigatorsm. With the click of a button you can see how trading the algorithm's solution will affect your overall risk summary.
  • Available for US Stocks and Indexes.

Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. For information on the uses and risks of options, you can obtain a copy of the Options Clearing Corporation risk disclosure document titled Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options by clicking here.