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Saving Bank Information

As the name implies, bank information contains information about the financial institution involved in a funding transaction in your  account.

When you set up a deposit notification or withdrawal on the Fund Transfers page, you are prompted to save the information about your financial institution. This bank information is saved as a bank instruction and you can view all of your bank instructions on the Funding > Bank Instructions page.

For example, the following image shows a wire deposit being set up for the first time. After you select the transaction type, currency, enter the amount of the transaction and select the method, you are prompted to enter information about your bank, including the name of the bank instruction to be saved.

All deposit and withdrawal types EXCEPT check withdrawals require that you enter your bank information, including a name for the bank instruction, before you submit the transaction. You can still save bank information for check withdrawals as bank instructions, however.

Once your transaction request has been submitted, the bank information you entered is saved as a bank instruction. The next time you set up a funding transaction and complete the first four fields (Transaction Type, Currency, Amount and Method), you will be prompted to use a saved bank instruction, as shown in the following image.

If you answer no, you will be prompted to enter bank information, including a bank instruction name, which will be saved when you submit the transaction request.

If you answer yes, you are prompted to select a saved bank instruction, as shown in the image below. In this example, there are three bank instructions already saved.

Use the Bank Information page to delete bank instructions you no longer need to use.

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