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About Recurring Transactions

The last step in setting up a deposit or withdrawal transaction before you submit the transaction request is the option to create a recurring transaction based on your transaction request.

In a funding transaction request, after you enter all of the information about your financial institution, you are prompted to create a recurring transaction:

If you answer no, you can submit the transaction request and no recurring transaction will be created. If you answer yes, the recurring transaction fields appear:

To set up a recurring transaction, you specify the following information:

When you submit your transaction request, the recurring transaction information you entered will also be saved and the transaction will recur at the frequency and on the start date that you entered.

In the event the transaction falls on a US non-business day under normal circumstances, we will process the request on the business day prior to the recurring transaction date. In the even this processing leads to multiple withdrawals during the same month, the account holder will be assessed withdrawal fees.

Canceling a Recurring Transaction

To cancel a recurring transaction, delete the recurring transaction from the Recurring Transaction page.

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