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How Do I Join IB’s Hedge Fund Marketplace?

How do I join IBKR's Hedge Fund Marketplace?

Interactive Brokers' online Hedge Fund Marketplace lets Hedge Funds who use IBKR as their Prime Broker market their Funds to eligible IBKR customers.

Who is Eligible to Join?

The Hedge Fund Marketplace is provided free of charge to all IBKR Hedge Fund clients who use Interactive Brokers as their principal Prime Broker and have at least $3 million in assets under management. In addition, the Hedge Fund must have an audited track record of at least one year or have done its trading at IBKR for the last year.

What Will You Need?

Your application will be subject to the review and approval of documentation and information as noted below:

  • The Fund or Fund Family must have a Third-Party Administrator.
  • The Fund or Fund Family must have an accountant or auditing firm to prepare audited financials for the Fund(s).
  • The IBKR Compliance Department will perform a brief review.

To Apply for this Program

  1. Log into Client Portal.
  2. Click Investors' Marketplace > Advertise Services > Investing > Hedge Funds.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to apply for this program.

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