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Country/RegionMarket Center Details Products Hours

Euronext Brussels (BELFOX) Options (Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-17:35

Euronext France (MONEP) Options (Equity Index, Equity)
Options: 9:00 - 17:30 CET
Futures: 8:00 - 22:00 CET

EUREX (DTB) Options (Equity, Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-22:05

Borsa Italiana (IDEM) Options (Equity, Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-17:50

Euronext NL Derivatives (FTA) Options (Currency, Equity, Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-22:00

Spanish Futures & Options Exchange (MEFF) Options (Equity, Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-17:35

Nasdaq OMX - Stockholm (OMS) Options (Equity)
Monday - Friday: 9:00-17:25

EUREX (SOFFEX) Options (Equity, Equity Index)
Monday - Friday: 8:00-22:00

United Kingdom
Intercontinental Exchange (ICEEU) Options (Equity Index, Equity)
Monday - Friday: 8:00-18:00

On some exchanges, different products have different trading hours.

Securities options are defined as any option on an individual stock, US legal stock, or any cash settled broad based index future. US legal residents are generally excluded from trading securities options outside of the United States due to SEC restrictions. It should be noted that cash settled options outside of the US and Canada are included in the commodities account in order to provide a cross margin benefit with futures.