Fees Charged to Offset Small Exchange (SMFE) Fees Paid by IBKR

Exchange Fee Recovery Charge 1

Product Group Tier I
All USD 0.15

Regulatory Fee Recovery Charge 2

Product Group Tier I
All USD 0.02

Clearing Fee

Product Group Tier I
Trades of 1 - 2,750 contract USD 0.02 per contract
Trades > 2,750 contract USD 55.00 per trade


  • PLEASE NOTE: Aside from the commission, fees charged to clients by IBKR, including but not limited to those listed on this website, are intended to cover the costs of execution, including exchange fees. Such fees generally reflect the exchange fee structure, but in certain circumstances may be higher or lower than the fees charged by the exchange.
  1. Small Exchange subscribers are entitled to a rebate or exchange fee reduction when they trade Small Exchange products. As of June 2020 the reduced exchange fee is $0.07 per contract. For more information on rebate programs contact memberpricing@interactivebrokers.com.
  2. Regulatory fees are assessed by the National Futures Association (NFA).