Username Rules

Your username will be the primary identifier for your account. It must be eight to nine characters long with no spaces and must include:

Be sure to enter the correct username because it is the primary identifier of your account and you will not be able to change it later.

Password Rules

Your password must be six to forty characters with no spaces and must include:

Residential Region/Principal Place of Business Operations Region

For Natural Persons (Individual/Joint, IRA, and UGMA/UTMA account holders, including Advisor clients), this is the current residential address of the applicant.
For Non-Natural Persons (entities, including Trust, Advisor, Broker, Hedge Fund and Proprietary Trading Group accounts) this is the place of business.

For individuals and entities, the legal country may not be the same country as the current address. It is the permanent address for the individual and tax country in which the business is formed.

Country of Legal Residence/Formation

For individuals, this is the country where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return. If you work or attend school or have a military or diplomatic post somewhere permanently or indefinitely, you can list that country as your Country of Legal Residence. Country of Legal Residence may or may not be the same country of your citizenship and may or may not be a country where you pay taxes.

For an entity, the tax home is the place where the entity was formed.

Non-Resident Indians (NRI)

Indian regulations restrict trading access to Indian financial markets for individuals residing outside of India to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) only.

NRIs are defined in the Indian Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999 and the Indian Foreign Exchange Management Deposit Regulations of 2000.

In short, to qualify for NRI status you must:

  1. Reside outside of India for more than 182 days per year; and
  2. Hold Indian citizenship; or
  3. Be a person of Indian Origin as defined in the Foreign Exchange Management Deposit Regulations of 2000.

You must satisfy criteria (a) and criteria (b) or (c).

Please click the above links to review the Indian legislation concerning NRIs, and then confirm your status.